What schools say about us!

I want to thank Administrator Assistance, for sending Dr. Betsy Biederstedt to Clinton Central Elementary School to be the interim principal for 18 months. During her tenure at Clinton Central, the Elementary School went from an F to an A. She also trained our current principal and he is following in her footsteps. Our community, is both amazed and ecstatic in the rapid turn-around that Dr. Biederstedt led here at Clinton Central Elementary School. — Ralph Walker, Superintendent, Clinton Central School Corporation

Dr. Crimmins: I wanted to let you know the value of your Financial Findings and Considerations report. Your report was thorough and provided excellent information to my School Board. Additionally, the insight you provided, especially in the areas of debt and food service, were very valuable. Your insight and considerations have provided our school district with a foundation for both short-term and long-term strategic planning. Thanks again for the great service you provided us. I especially appreciate your follow-up long after the report was finalized and presented.
— Dr. Chad S. Briggs, Superintendent, Spencer-Owen Community Schools
In July of 2014, I assumed the responsibilities as the new superintendent of The School Town of Munster. As part of my transition into the new position, I wanted to have a thorough analysis completed of my general fund. For the third time in my professional career as a superintendent, I reached out to Steve Wittenauer and Gib Crimmins from Administrator Assistance for help. To my surprise, they sent two of the top retired superintendents in the State of Indiana to do the analysis, Dr. Ed Eiler and Dr. Bruce Stahley. Their analysis was impressive and on target. I am currently using their recommendations to lead my school system.

As I began new position, I hired a new Director of Financial Operations. As I began working with my new director, I learned that she was in need of some additional assistance in developing the 2015 Budget. Dr. Gib Crimmins took the time to provide her the needed assistance to develop a strong, fiscally sound budget. From my perspective, Administrator Assistance provides the experience, the personnel, and the answers to any needs an administrator, superintendent, or school board may have in the area of school corporation leadership, budgeting and management. Thank you Administrator Assistance!
— Dr. Jeff Hendrix, Superintendent, The School Town of Munster
Just wanted to let you know that I was very satisfied with AA’s services during our recent superintendent search. It was not my first time going through this and it seemed to make the process more manageable. Ed Eiler was terrific as our contact and I would recommend him to anyone. What a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of education! It was incredible how many really good candidates we had to choose from. I attribute that to Ed and your firm. Thanks again for your good work.
— Mike Souligne, School Board Member, Benton Community Schools
We at Taylor Community School Corporation recently employed Administrator Assistance to help with our recent superintendent search. Given the new legislative requirements and the time demands of this search, their help was invaluable. Diana Showalter led us through the entire process and did an excellent job. She posted the opening on various state-wide sites, collected the applications, coordinated the interview schedule and facilitated all communication with the candidates. She was instrumental in the success of our search process and our ultimate superintendent hire. I would highly recommend Administrator Assistance for your next superintendent search.

Taylor Community School Corporation needed an interim superintendent following the resignation of our previous superintendent in the summer of 2013. We employed Administrative Assistance to help us find an interim to get us through a few months until we could hire a permanent replacement. They presented two candidates, told us the strengths of each interim candidate, and then let us choose which direction we wished to go. We have been extremely pleased with the interim that we have employed through Administrator Assistance. He has done a remarkable job, has been very easy to work with and has been well liked by everybody. Given the need for an interim again, we would definitely use Administrator Assistance.
— Dennis Marler, School Board Member, Taylor Community Schools
We began using Administrators’ Assistance in February 2013 when I had several concerns about our district budget. Ed Eiler has worked with our business Manager over the past several months focusing on specific details within the budget. Ed also assisted our Business Manager through the 2014 budget building process and we are in very good shape for next year. We are now in a much healthier place with our budget thanks to Ed Eiler and AA.
— Don DeWeese, Superintendent, Frankfort Community Schools
After several years of fiscal management I thought it might be wise to have a “second opinion” on the manner in which we were operating. I contacted Administrator Assistance to review our fiscal operations and provide suggestions for improvement. The consultant was most knowledgeable and most helpful in the review of our financial practices. One suggestion alone generated over $100,000 enhancement to the General Fund. The written report provided was concise, to the point and provided in a timely manner. The report validated a majority of our practices and the suggestions were most insightful.
— John Williams, Superintendent, Rush County Community Schools
Administrative Assistance has provided support and leadership to South Central Community Schools, Union Mills, Indiana in an innovative and assessable guidance in the areas of evaluations, locally created assessments, and performance pay structure to meet the needs of all the new educational laws in Indiana. Through this process Administrative Assistance leadership and essential guidance was provided to teachers, administration, school board members, and community members of best practice and challenges that are being faced in public education. With all these changes in education, we cannot afford to overlook any opportunity to meet the challenges to support students in their learning, and Administrative Assistance provided this training and leadership at highly effective level.
— Christopher Smith, Superintendent, South Central Community Schools
Administrator Assistance has been a very valuable partner with Delphi Community School Corporation. We have had so many needs over the past few years and all I have had to do is to call Steve Wittenauer and explain my problem or predicament and he has been able to find an OUTSTANDING resource or resolution to my need. Administrator Assistance has been able to help up with student and teacher goal setting, writing of the teacher compensation grant which we received $118,000.00, substitute staff members in hard to fill positions, professional development, and a myriad of other services. The GREAT thing about administrative services is that each and every time that we have called upon them for support, that support has been INCREDIBLY great! We are in a time when we can not do it all ourselves, nor do I have time to search for the support, the Delphi Community Board of School Trustees and myself have been thrilled with the service provided by Administrator’s Assistance.
— Ralph L. Walker, Superintendent, Delphi Community School Corporation
Administrator Assistance has access to a wealth of expertise and works to customize to meet your need. They have been very professional and sensitive to our needs and circumstances.
— Russ Mikel, Superintendent, Bremen Community School Corporation
Administrator Assistance (AA) is Marion Community Schools’ first choice as a service provider when the district is in need of unique or short-term administrative services. AA has worked closely with our district to provide customized services tailored to meet our needs in terms of expertise, time and fiscal limitations. Performance evaluations were completed for teachers at Marion High School (MHS) by AA consultants during the 2010-2011 school year. The entire process starting with the initial meetings between the evaluators and the teachers, through the completion of classroom observations and post conferences with teachers was smooth and professionally done thanks to AA. On an interim basis, two AA consultants are currently serving our school district in key administrative positions that would have been impossible for us to otherwise fill in mid-year. I wholeheartedly endorse AA as a provider of top notch school administrative services.
— Stephen L. Edwards, Superintendent of Marion Community Schools
The interface with Tom Austin of Administrator Assistance really helped to quickly focus the Board’s future vision into the image of the type of superintendent that we needed to implement that vision. Tom’s support throughout the search process greatly simplified the logistics of the search, allowing the Board to concentrate upon the assessment of the candidates rather than the process. The superintendent search was work, but with Tom’s help it came off successfully without major disruption to the activities of the school or Board’s other activities.
— Ian Jay, Board Member for Southeastern Community Schools
Administrator Assistance has provided professional guidance and expertise in our recent Superintendent Search that was invaluable. Paul Pfledder was a great asset as he was able to keep us on task while allowing us to have good discussion among board members during the process. Not only did Administrator Assistance provide assistance in our Superintendent Search, we hired AA to provide an Interim Superintendent in Dr Robert Foreman, who has been excellent. He has been a good communicator with our staff and board, which has allowed the board to focus on the task of hiring a new Superintendent knowing that the daily operations of the school district were in good hands.
— Brad Monts, Board Member for South Montgomery Community Schools
Administrators Assistance has been very helpful while we worked through some of our budget issues. Beginning last November when I had the first conversation with you about my concerns, AA has provided me with outstanding technical support and it gave me confidence that things would improve. Ed Eiler has worked with us over the past several months and has been invaluable to our district. It is hard to put into words the amount of appreciation we have for Ed and what he has done for our district. Thanks.
— Don DeWeese, Superintendent of Frankfort Community Schools
I called Administrative Services to find someone to facilitate our goal setting process with the school board. Ed Eiler was assigned to us. I did not know Ed before this, but I was very pleased with the services he gave us. Ed called me right away to discuss what I wanted out of the process. He spent hours researching our corporation on the web site. He read through the materials I sent him included a long list of data collected from focus groups we had conducted. Ed met with me at 1:30 the day of the board meeting. He had designed specific questions about our financial situation, our initiatives on teaching and learning, and on facilities. Before he arrived he drove around the community looking at all of the schools. To say the very least, Ed was prepared for the board meeting.

I had established an aggressive agenda for the evening and Ed he calculated a timetable for himself including breaks for the board. Ed was able to call each board member by name when they entered the meeting room. He was pleasant and professional. His facilitation skills were excellent and he was able to meet my aggressive agenda with time to spare. I was impressed with Ed Eiler and Administration Services. This is the first time we have used them, but it will not be the last.
— Daniel Tyree, Superintendent of Plymouth Community Schools
Dr. Eiler’s ability to pose thoughtful and deep questions to the group that allowed them to really ponder the issue and see a different side of it. He additionally was able to provide some examples of other school’s course offerings which had them thinking about how we stack up and what we can do better. I appreciated that he was able to lead the board in considering larger issues that they need to be concerned with, instead of fixating on one smaller issue-they needed to be reframed and he did just that.
North Vermillion School Board-
Professional attitude and friendliness which was readily accepted by the staff.
North Vermillion School Board
The communication between Steve W. and the board in establishing an interim arrangement was excellent. The services of A.A. were very well explained. The guidance and help with knowing the correct way to manage getting rid of current supt. and bringing in interim was excellent. The expertise and professionalism of the interim supt. has been worth every cent and more! The services of A.A. truly saved our district from disaster.
Cathy Rowe, Superintendent Frontier School Corporation
Donna Petraits/Marketing - I appreciate that she has worked with many other larger districts and so she is able to leverage that experience for a smaller district in our time of need.
— Cathy Rowe, Superintendent Frontier School Corporation-
I just wanted to let you know Karen has done an outstanding job helping Rachel become acclimated to the corporation treasurer position. I’m confident you have heard this many times from your clients but just wanted to convey how pleased we are. When Karen started talking about Pat Garvey, Rex Sager, and JT, I not only knew she had vast experience but also a good amount of patience as well. I will certainly recommend Administrator Assistance whenever I have the opportunity among our colleagues.
— Kim Thurston, Salem Community Schools