Administrator Assistance District Needs Survey
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Potential Needs Selections:
Please mark all areas below that you may be interested in discussing what AA's involvement with your district might be. Click as many items as you would like to discuss with AA. If there are others not present in the list, feel free to email any additoinal areas of need to Wit or Gib. Thanks for your interest in working with AA.

Board Retreats
Collaboration Studies
Financial Assessment of a School Corporation
Interim Positions/Superintendent or Principal
Superintendent Searches
CAST (Community and Schools Together)
Budget Preparation
Demographic Studies
Designing Superintendent Evaluation Instruments
AYP Consulting (Conducting Teacher Evaluations)
Evaluating Corporation Test Scores
Evaluating Transportation Programs
Helping School Corporations Develop SLOs
Strategic Planning for a Corporation
Feasibility Studies
Grant Writing
Academy Teacher (See Wit for more details)
Academy Mentor (See Wit for more details)

This message will go to Steve Wittenauer at Either Wit or Gib will be in contact with you in the near future.